How Much Money Can You Make on eBay?


How much money can you make on eBay?  This is a question that I get all of the time, and is very easy to answer with another question: How much do you want to make?  The amount of time spent on your eBay business will be a direct reflection on how much you make.

In May of 2003, I sold my first item.  It was a Milky the Cow toy with all of the accessories.  I really did not expect to make a lot for this item, but I made a starting bid of $5 and had it listed for 5 days.  Every morning I would wake up and check online to see what the auction was up to.  It was pretty slow for the first few days, but on day 5 just before the auction ended, there was a bid.  Just one. The auction ended, and I only made $5 before ebay fees.  Matter of fact, I lost money after shipping.  I really wasn’t upset.  This was not a full time job for me (then), it was just an item I had laying around the house.  But I was intrigued.  Why would someone even pay $5 for a Milky the Cow toy?  This started my journey.

As the years passed, I had sold quite a few items for friends and family members.  I had even sold more items from around the house.  But then, on a cool April morning, my life changed.  My employer, which whom I had been working for the past seven years, had to layoff some employees.  I was one of the unlucky ones.  My wife, two month old son, and myself had just moved to a new city four months prior.  With no job and a family to support, I started to brainstorm.  I really enjoyed eBay as a hobby, but what could I sell that would support us?

Two weeks in, I had everything in our house that was worth value, on eBay.  As I am getting ready to ship out some items, I realized that I had run out of shipping tape.  I told my wife that I was taking a break and going to Target to get some more.  This was almost a relief for me.  I was stressed that I was jobless, and I knew walking around Target mindlessly would be a comfort.  Once I arrived, I grabbed my shipping tape and start to wander around the electronics department.  I noticed two employees unloading a large shipment onto an end cap labeled 75% off.  They were all Guitar Hero games with the guitar.  And it came to me.  I could sell those!  They are 75% off, I jumped on my cell phone, went to, and looked up the completed listings.  A big smile came on my face as soon as I saw that they were going for about $75 more then what I could buy them for.  I quickly stuffed six of them into my cart.  That started it all!  That month I made over $2,000 profit!  And it just snowballed!  I now knew the power of eBay!  People will buy anything on eBay, so it was up to me to make sure I could sell it to them and still make money.

I started with Target, then moved from store to store, and found items that were available on a consistent basis.  I started to have repeat customers.  Now I shop more than 12 different retailers a week, and I do not plan to slow down at any time.  As I tried different products to sell, I saw my profits fluctuate.  So that’s why I am glad you are here!  You will not have to make those mistakes!  I want to share my information with you!  I want you to be successful!  So, how much money can you make on eBay? Well, the true answer depends if you want to do this part time and make $1,000 a month, or if you want to create a business online full time.  The question is, how much do you want to make?

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