Hot Item to Sell on eBay – Red Bull Cola


When I’m asked, “Where do you find items to sell on eBay?”  My reply is, EVERYWHERE!  You just need to know what you are looking for.  So, what are you looking for?  To start, look for discontinued items.  A perfect example is Red Bull Cola.  I found this gem a few months ago, and I have already sold well over 1,000 cans!  Red Bull Cola was discontinued as of May 2011, and can be found in many places like Dollar General and Big Lots.  They usually receive a new shipment weekly, but it moves fast, so make sure you are aware of the days the store receives their shipment.

On eBay, this item is in high demand, and has a 95% sell through rate. I have most success selling them in a lot of 20 cans.  Below is a snap shot of one of my ended listings.

Over the past few months this item alone has brought in over $550 in profit!

When looking for discontinued items it is best to do your research before you go out and stock up on anything.  Check out eBay’s completed listings to make sure this item will sell!

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