Hot Item to Sell on eBay – Finish Quantumatic Powerball Refills


Here is a hot item, and a consistent seller on eBay.  The Finish Quantumatic Powerball Refills. These are dishwasher detergents that have been discontinued and replaced with Finish Powerball Tabs.  These Powerball refills require you to use an expesive dispenser system.  That is the good thing for us.  Customers that have already bought the dispenser system may have nowhere to get the refills in stores, so they look online.

Finish PowerballI actually found these by mistake one day while I was looking for Tom’s Brand Toothpaste.  While browsing the aisle, I noticed that someone had tried to hide a whole bunch of these on the bottom shelf behind a stack of mouthwash.  My trained eye immediately picked up on the out-of-place item.  There can be only two reasons why someone would want to hide these.  One, they did not have the money to buy them, or two, they wanted to do some research to see if they would sell on eBay. Luckily, I was able to use my smart phone and look up the complete listings for this item.  Right then and there, I loaded up my cart, and bought everyone they had in stock.

I found the Finish Quantumatic Powerball Refills for $1 at Big Lots.  I sold them on eBay in a lot of 20 for $66. Below is a snap shot of a listing that sold.

As you can see this items was sold for $66.  Here is the breakdown of my profit.

Net Profit of $25.23!

Remember, when looking for discontinued items, the biggest profit is going to come from items that are consumed or have to be refilled.  Once the customer runs out of your product, they will come back for more.

For more ideas on what to sell (and where to find them), check out my FREE book, “The Keys to a Successful eBay Business”.


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