Where to Find Inventory to Sell on eBay – Goodwill


The Goodwill is one of my favorite places to buy inventory for eBay. It is a place that is filled with mystery, but I never leave empty handed.  Rewind just a few years back.  I started looking at Goodwill for inventory in 2005.  I would walk in, and about an hour later I would walk out empty handed.  I could not find anything that I thought customers would want to buy on eBay.  The reality of it was, I just didn’t know what I was looking for.  eBay customers will buy ANYTHING!  Today, I try to visit two Goodwill’s a day for ten minutes each, and I leave with a cart full of items. What’s different now?  After trial and error, I know what will sell for a good profit.

Let me tell you one of my favorite Goodwill finds.  One day, not to long ago, I was taking a lap around the GW (thats what I call Goodwill).  I was walking down the wood aisle, when I accidentally kicked a large bubble gum machine that was on the floor.  Practicing good Karma, I bent down to pick it up.  As I bent down I looked on the bottom shelf, and right there, staring me right in the face was one box of O.B. Ultra Tampons.  To the normal consumer, this is a gross, old, dirty (but sealed) box of tampons at GW?  My heart started to pump fast, and my hands started to sweat.  This item was on my “have to find” list!  I knew that this $.99 box of tampons would sell for $50 on eBay.

Why would someone pay $50 for an old box of tampons?  Because it is O.B. Ultra Tampons, and they were discontinued about a year ago.  Women that used these in the past fell in love, and they have to have them.  Like I said, “People will buy ANYTHING”.  Here is a screen shot of a recently ended auction:

Goodwill is a great place to find inventory for your eBay business.  For more ideas on what to sell (and where to find them), check out my FREE book, “The Keys to a Successful eBay Business”.


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