A Money Making Niche That’s Totally Rad.



Feathered hair, side ponytails, beauty moles, neon, puff paint, and slap bracelets were all trends in the 80’s. Guess what, it’s 2017 and those same trends are back! There are even schools that are dedicated to having an 80’s theme parties. So it’s time to dig in your closet and drag out your old Swatch Protectors and sell them on eBay.

What if you didn’t see this trend coming (like me) and got rid of all your 80’s gear? Have no fear, Goodwill’s and other Thrift stores are loaded with old 80’s items that are ready to be sold. Let’s list a few items that are selling:

80’s prom dresses –



80’s Accessories – Trapper Keepers and Jellies


80’s Parachute Pants and Jammers –


Those are just some of the 80’s awesomeness you can find in Thrift Stores or even around your house! When looking for 80’s items, try to keep your eye out for shirts that have rock bands on them or other 80’s stars. I have had some great success with matching up clothing items to look like an 80’s tv or movie star. For example, I found a reddish-orange Puffy Vest and was able to sell it as a Marty McFly costume from Back to the Future.

Think about the tv shows in the 80’s. What did they wear or use? Zack Morris from “Saved by the Bell” used a large cell phone. Now when I find one that looks like the one he used at a Goodwill store, I can sell it as a Zack Morris type of phone and get more money. Be careful, because pretty soon you will find yourself saying words like Dweeb, Gnarly, Rad, and Tubular. So what are some other 80’s trends that could be selling on eBay? Do you still have any of these items in your house today? Comment below and share your Tubular 80’s moments!

For more ideas on what to sell on eBay, check out “The Keys to a Successful eBay Business”, HERE

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One thought on “A Money Making Niche That’s Totally Rad.

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