Turning $20 into $480


I’m sure that we all sell on eBay to make a profit, right?  We may shop thrift stores every day, order our inventory from a wholesaler, or even make our own products, but did you know that you may have eBay inventory handed to you every single day without you knowing.  Turning $20 into $480 may sound too good to be true, but it really isn’t, and eBayers are doing this every single day because they know one simple tip that you may have been missing.

Did you know that some coins that were minted in 1964 or before, are 90% silver?  That means that they are worth their weight, and much more than their face value.  Take a look at a current chart that represents the actual worth of each coin found on Currency DeBasement (found HERE):


As you can see, some common currency that we are using every day is actually worth a lot more.  I’m not suggesting that you melt your own coins, I’m not sure if that is even legal; however, I am suggesting that you sell them on eBay!  There are a lot of sellers who do this for a living, and the return on investment is HUGE!  Let’s take a look at a couple of completed listings:


These sellers turned $20 into $485.95, $1.50 into $37, and $3 into $70!  Now you may be thinking, “Where do I get these coins?”  Well, they are still circulating in your everyday life so you will want to check your coins.  My mother has been a waitress for over 25 years, and she collects her coins throughout the whole year to pay for her Christmas presents.  I don’t take the coins from my mom, but I do help her identify which ones are valuable and which ones are not.  Then I can sell them for her.

So with this knowledge, you now can become successful at flipping $20 into $480!  Finding these coins can be quite fun, and with a little bit of creativity, they can be easy to locate!

For more eBay tips and tricks, check out The Keys to a Successful eBay Business HERE


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