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The Sony Walkman – this brings back good memories. Walking down the street, listening to the latest MC Hammer cassette tape. I thought I was cool! I remember when I bought my first Sony Walkman. It was the latest and greatest technology, and I could either listen to FM radio or whatever tape I could carry. When I was done listening to the first side I simply flipped it over to side B. Technology sure has advanced since then, but the Sony Walkman is still in high demand!

Sure there are “newer” digital versions of a Sony Walkman that allow you to play MP3’s, but those are not the ones that sell well on eBay. The vintage Sony Walkman (from the 80’s) is what’s HOT! There are a few reasons why people want these beautiful electronics again, and it may not be why you’d think. I have sold many of these on eBay before, and just out of curiosity, I asked the buyer why they wanted an old Sony Walkman. Here is what they said:

1. Battery Life: A couple of buyers stated that they only wanted it for the FM radio and that the Sony Walkman has the best battery life.

2. Collectors: I had some buyer tell me that they are just a fan of older technology, and they wanted to add it to their collection.

3. Party: One other buyer told me that they are going to an 80’s party and wanted it as an accessory.

I’m sure there are other reasons why people want these, but whatever the reason is, I am happy to sell it to them! Let us take a look at some completed listings:

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As you can see, the Vintage Sony Walkman is worth some real money! So where do you find these? The answer is, EVERYWHERE! A lot of people don’t understand the value of the Walkman, so they sell them for $1 at garage sales or $2 at thrift stores. Even some people on eBay will do a buy it now for under $5.

Make sure you are paying attention to the model of the Walkman, and utilize the Completed Listings feature. Not all Walkman’s are worth the same amount, and of course, the older, the better. Try to stay away from any cassette Walkman’s that have a digital display. Those are too new. Lastly, make sure it works. You may have to buy a cassette tape from Goodwill for $.50, but it will be worth it. The last thing you want is to have an angry buyer!

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It’s time for your 2017 eBay resolutions!


It’s 2017, and I’m expecting this year to be one the best years of my life!  Just like everyone else, I have made my new year resolutions, and more importantly, I’ve made a plan to achieve my goals.

So, how can your new year resolutions help you make money on eBay? Take a good look at your list. Your resolutions may fall under one of the top three: weight loss, get organized and pay off debt. With that said, there’s a good chance that your resolution is different – and that’s okay! It’s okay because the more unique your resolution is, the more you can utilize that to your advantage on eBay! Since most people lose interest in their resolutions after February, we need to find eBay inventory asap!

Let us look at the top three resolutions.

Weight Loss:

This – by far – is the top New Year resolution every year. People buy gym memberships, weight watchers, work out DVD’s, bikes, and more. Finding weight loss inventory is an easy one for us! Goodwill and other thrift stores are filled with everything from food scales to workout clothes. Some top items to look for maybe – Healthy Cookbooks, Exercise Clothes, Body Scales, Food Scales, Yoga Mats, and Work Out DVDs. Let’s
take a look at a few completed listings:

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Getting Organized:

This resolution is also easy to shop for. When I think of getting organized, I think of storage. People like to declutter their home this time of year, so we need to be there to help them. Things to look for at Goodwill or Thrift Stores are Any collapsable bins, Anything labeled as an organizer (e.g. Christmas paper organizer or Shoe organizer), or Wire Baskets. Let’s take a look at a couple completed listings.

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Pay off Debt:

The third most popular resolution is to pay off debt and save money. There are several inventory items we can look for to help others pay off debt. Look for – Unique Coupon Organizers, Popular ‘Pay off Debt’ Books, and others! This type of category is very broad and is the kind of item that you just see in the store, and you know it will be a good seller! Let’s take a look at a completed listing.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg. As you dive deeper into each niche, you will uncover different types of items to look for! Again, take a look at your new year resolutions and see what things can help you make money! I am honestly hoping that you all have the best 2017 possible! Lets all double our eBay profits this year!

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Thrift Store Tips




For me, shopping at thrift stores for eBay inventory is a big part of my business. It’s exciting, rewarding, and depending on where you are shopping, you usually are helping out a great cause. When I first started going to Goodwill or other thrift stores I had no idea what I was looking for.  To tell the truth, I rarely buy the same item twice, so I still have to look items up every time I go. A question I get almost daily is, “How do you know what to look for?” Although I just admitted that I still have to look items up every time I go, I still have some tips that can make your trip must faster and more lucrative.

1. Reddit.com/r/ThriftStoreHauls: Reddit.com is one of the most popular websites in the world. It has so many topics that almost anyone can find a page that matches their interests, and from there, you’ll be hooked. One of my favorites is their ThriftStoreHauls page is located HERE. This page is filled with people who post their favorite thrift store find (with pictures), and you can chat with them about their item if you’d like. In most cases, they aren’t selling their item on eBay, but they are keeping it as a treasured item for themselves. So how can this help you find things to sell on eBay? Well, just browsing this website around 10 minutes a day has helped me uncover a lot of valuable items that I recognize while I’m shopping for eBay inventory. It’s something that you will put in the back of your brain, and when you see it at a Thrift Store, it will jump out at you! Plus it’s enjoyable to see what others are finding at thrift stores.

2. Department Shopping: Even today, I still find myself sometimes overwhelmed when I am shopping at a Goodwill. There are so many items, and I know there is something good just waiting to be uncovered. To help me with my focus, I sometimes only shop in one department of the store. My Goodwill is broken down into several departments including – Electronics, Clothing, Shoes, Seasonal, Junk Aisle and a few others. I have found that if I take my full attention and allotted time, and focus on only one section of the store, then I find more than I would if I skimmed through the entire Goodwill. Taking this opportunity will force you to dig and look up more items, and in return, you may uncover a hidden gem. I don’t do this every time, but if I find that I’m not discovering enough inventory, then I will slow down and focus.

Both of this tips really help me while I’m looking for eBay inventory, and I’m sure they will help you too! If you have any other advice that you would like to share, please do so in the comments below!

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How I made $2,425 selling one item from Big Lots


Shopping at Big Lots for eBay inventory can be a bit challenging. They have a lot of merchandise, but it can be hard to distinguish what the Hot Selling items may be. Usually, I look for discontinued items or items that are just hard to find, but I happened to find one little gem that was able to bring me in almost $2,500! Before I reveal the “hot” item, I want to share the items that I have had success with in the past. This will give you a good idea of what to look for while shopping at Big Lots.

1. Red Bull Cola – I ended up selling thousands of these all over the world!

2. Colgate Wisps – At one time, BL had an eight pack of Wisps for only $1. I bought as many as I could find, and sold them all on eBay.

3. Red Bull Shot – This is a small energy drink that was a fast seller and easy to ship.

4. Several Brands of Mens Deodorant – For some reason, people get attached to their deodorant, so when it’s hard to find, they are willing to pay the big bucks to get it.

5. Oreo’s – Seasonal Oreo packaging seems to be a consistent seller!

Those were some of my top money makers from Big Lots, but my latest find takes the cake. Drum rol please…. The item that made me $2,425 profit was the Emerson HD Action Cam.

I first found this camera on the Big Lots online ad for $39.99. It resembles the “Go Pro” camera and has a lot of the same features. I checked the completed listings, and there was only one other seller at the time, but he/she was selling them every day for a decent profit! I went to my first Big Lots and looked around for about 10 minutes, but I couldn’t find the item. When I asked the Big Lots employee about the item, she said that she has never seen it before. I was feeling defeated as I was walking out the door, but I happened to glance at the locked up cage and there it was. Matter of fact, there were seven at this location, so I bought them all.

I listed them as soon as I got to my car. It only took a day to sell through them, so I took the money I made and went to two more Big Lots and bought all of their Emerson HD Action Cam’s. By utilizing Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon, this cycle went on for a month and a half, and I ended up selling 237 of these with an average profit of $10.22 per unit. Sales started to slow down towards the end, and the inventory has been drying up, but this has been my most successful item I have bought and resold from Big Lots.

My point of this story is to encourage you to take a look at all items from Big Lots and consider it for eBay inventory. It’s best to start with their weekly ad and visit the store to see if anythings stands out. You never know what hot item you may find.

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Stop Shopping and Start Buying!


I don’t mind admitting, early on in my eBay career I found myself missing out on a lot of money. I found myself shopping around for eBay inventory but over looking the items that had no use to me. It took me a while, but I figured it out. When shopping for eBay inventory, you can NEVER shop for yourself. I had the mindset that if I didn’t like the item, then no one else would. I would buy things that I thought for sure would be a home-run, but soon realize that no one wanted a Blackberry Branded Beach Towel, but for me. This is a common problem with both new eBayers and tenured eBayers alike, but can easily be fixed!

I get emails every other day regarding this issue. Some claim that they don’t have the “Eye” for shopping. That’s the key word right there – Shopping. You are not shopping; you are buying! Buying for other people who are going to want your item, and that does not mean that you have to like it. Here is how I overcame this mindset.

img_0331I’m sitting in my car and staring at the Thrift Store door. I knew this day was going to be different because I told myself that I’m NOT going to pick up any item that I think would be good. Not even if I knew that it would be a home-run. I walked through that door and spent almost two hours in there. I picked up every ugly and unpractical item you could imagine, but I checked the completed listings on my phone. 95% of the items were worthless, but about mid trip, I found something that I normally would not have looked at, and I’m glad I did. I found a Dermal Tone Facial Exerciser.

I know I have mentioned this item before, but it is worth mentioning again! This item alone changed the way I look at eBay inventory. I found this item sitting all by itself, and I had no idea what it was! When I looked it up on eBay and saw that it was going for over $70 I was amazed (especially since I got for under a dollar). I would have missed out on this excellent item if I kept to my old way.

Remember you can NOT go shopping for yourself, but instead start buying for others!

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Sometimes holding on to a product is more profitable!


When selling on eBay, my official motto is to “Flip an item as fast as possible,” but in some cases, it may pay to be patient.  You may have an item that is easy to find right now, but it could be seasonal.  When the supply dries out, the profit should go up, right?  That’s not true in all cases, but if you do your research, you could walk away with much more money!

5a97fece-b691-404e-a39d-2ebeb92e9601-2878-0000030833421e07_tmpLet us take a look at a recent purchase I made.  Not too long ago, I was walking through a store with my wife when I found a huge lot of FrankenBerry cereal on clearance for $1.  This typically is a Halloween item, but since the holiday was over, the store seemed to think that the demand would go down.  I pulled out my handy smartphone and checked the completed listings on eBay.  I wasn’t that thrilled with the results so I kept on walking.  Then it hit me – clearance items usually mean that the stock will be gone soon.  So, the true FrankenBerry fans will be out of luck, and with supply & demand, I’d more than likely be able to make a profit.  Instead of listening to my instinct, I pulled up one of my new favorite apps, Terapeak.  I was able to see that I was right; a few months after Halloween, each box spiked to between $5.50 – $9 a box. So, against my wife’s wishes, I bought all 120 boxes for $1 each (at Target)

It’s not like these are selling like crazy on eBay, so I had to develop a strategy to sell these before August 2017 (that’s when they expire). Here is what I found:

  • They are selling better in the United Kingdom than in the United States, so I decided to add UK visibility to my listing.
  • The current average sale price right now is $5.99 with $16.50 shipping to the UK, so I decided to sell them now for that amount. According to USPS, it will only cost $12.50 to ship the box there – that will leave me a profit of $5.37 per box.
  • According to Terapeak, this number will grow throughout the year, so even if I only make $5.37 per box, I will have made a $644 profit on FrankenBerry cereal.
  • I am using more sources than eBay to sell this product (Amazon).
  • If all else fails, I have a lot of FrankenBerry to eat.

Thanks to TeraPeak, in this case, I have the knowledge that my product will probably sell for more in a few months, but since I have so many boxes, I think I am going to start selling them now. If you have never used TeraPeak before, I suggest you at least check it out.

Have you ever had an item that you sat on for awhile to make more money later on? If so, what was it and was it worth it?  Lastly, please subscribe to this blog for more updates :).

International Selling on eBay


As a famous rapper once said, “I’m not internationally known …But I’m known to rock the microphone”.  Really, I have no idea how to rock the microphone, but I was once not internationally known.  When I first started selling on eBay, I was scared to sell outside of the United States.  I really did not know about the risks or the benefits.  The day I invited international buyers to bid on my auctions, is the day I started to triple my business.  Today 60% of my business is sold outside of the United States.  I have shipped to over 150 countries around the world.  The United States eBay site has far more items for sell than the UK or AU version.  People from around the world will pay for shipping if they really want the item.

There are two things to keep in mind.  One, there is a risk of shipping outside the US. When shipping USPS, there is not always a tracking service available.  When you ship internationally, you have to fill out a customs form.  If you are sending the item first class via USPS, then there is no tracking available.  If you send the item priority mail via USPS, then your customs form will provide a tracking number.  Priority International is much more expensive, but if the customer is willing to pay for it, then make it available.  Second, the United States has items that are not available in other places around the world.  For some reason, the UK LOVES American junk food.  Probably because they can not buy it where they live.  Below is a perfect example of what I mean:

lucky charms hourglass

Lucky Charms.  Here in America, we love Lucky Charms.  Did you know that Lucky Charms is not widely available in the UK?  The UK deemed Lucky Charms as too unhealthy, and has too much high fructose corn syrup.  You can only get Lucky Charms in specialty stores in the UK, and they are very expensive.  So, they look to America, land of the free, where Lucky Charms are available everywhere!

Thats £12.90 and equals $20.81!  All for a box of cereal.  Oddly enough, most people who buy this do not eat it.  It is a novelty, and a prank gift to give.  Be sure to make all of your listings available for international buyers.  Also, make sure you are calculating the international shipping accordingly.