Success Stories

Success Stories can be fun to read, and provide a great deal of motivation! This page will be dedicated to new Success Stories every day. Please feel free to email me and share your story, and help motivate others!


Hi Tristen

I had been working ebay for a several years with some limited success grossing $800 to $1,000 a month. Then I found The Ebay Entreprenuer website and learned a lot. Last year I several months $1,200 to $1,800 but then it fell off to under a $1,000 agian. But I kept putting your principles to work and June this year I hit $2,500, July was $4,100 and this month I am on track to hit $4,700. I am plowing all the profits right back into my ebay business by searching for the right items to sell with a goal to be grossing over $10,000 a month by this time next year. When I hit that number I feel I could pull $3,000 out of the business for me and my family while using the rest to pay the ebay, shipping and pay pal fees and restocking items. Just want to thank you so much and the biggest thing to anyone’s succcess is never stop learning, never stop seeking to make it better. Again thank you! Michael D


Hey Tristen,

Guess what? I can finally quit my second job because of ebay! I wanted to say Thanks for all of your help and guidance. Over the past year I was able to open my store on ebay, and I slowly grew my business. I’m sticking with my golf items as my number one seller, but I have also branched out to thrift store finds. This has been an interesting journey, and now I’m brining in over $2000 a month. Again thanks for you help! Tim


Good evening Tristen! I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for all of your insightful posts and expedient replies to my questions over the better part of the last year. Thanks in large part to you, my sales are now at an all time high and they continue to grow.
Due to extenuating circumstances, I’ve had to take some time away from my chosen profession. Because I’ve sold on eBay off and on for well over a decade, I knew that eBay had the potential to augment my income during this challenging time. It was around this same time that I first ran across your site. In a short period of time, I read through the complete site, purchased your eBook, and became a member of your Professional Mentoring Program. I cannot say enough good things about all of the quality information that I have gleaned from the aforementioned sources.
Opening an eBay store and setting daily, weekly, and monthly sales targets have proven to be most helpful for me. It truly is possible for anyone to be successful on eBay. Thanks again for all of your help Tristen!

James H
PS. I forgot to mention that I’m now earning in excess of $2,500 per month


Hi there,

I make over 10K a month. some months 13K. I net about half. Its a whole lot of work. its taken me 3 years but the one trick that helped me is specializing. It took me 3 years to figure that out?
I started with thrift items, clothing mostly and slowly started branching out with trinkets. I started selling everything in my store and focusing on vintage but thats such a broad category. then i would throw in some regular clothes and stuff here and there. Everything i didnt sell on auction (i always did my min price), i would put in my store. I did research every other day, who was selling my style of vintage, for how much and what the did to get better profits. I read a lot, every night, always looking for techniques of identifying old silver, old glass etc. Certain jewelry can be worth a ton! i found a $3 necklace at a flea market to sell it for $300! i wouldn’t know it was a Juliana if i wasnt reading. I know that one person can sell a 60s dress for $10 while another can get $100. I realized that the good vintage sellers, auction, and second they specialize in just vintage clothes. Their pictures make people want to be in that era. their stores look like stores not a thrift pile. So i opened a new store, closed down everything that i didnt feel was fitting in my “vintage” store and moved it to an online thrift store. that was my store number 2. You have to ask your thrift stores when they have their sales. Many of our stores have crazy sales once a month at $1 or $2 an item. come early and get lots of stuff. My second store averages about $3000 a month. its only 6 months old.
So i thought what else can i branch out, so a month ago i started doing vintage lingerie. A good model, a nice camera and i have another $2000 in the first 30 days. I do all of this with my husband helping 2 days a week. i work on it full time. The goal is 20K. so im going to try your dollar store technique also. we have great dollar stores in LA =)
Its SOO possible to make a living on ebay. there i a lady selling vintage racking in almost 1Mil a month!
You need GOOD pictures and light items. anything under 13 Oz goes first class which is quite cheap. If it doesent sell the first round put it at buy it now for a little more money for good till cancel. Somebody will want it at some point, you dont need to sell yourself cheap. My little sister who is 13 used my mothers account and sold $600 in her first month but just getting $1 dresses at a garage sale. ok done ranting now.



I am a part time ebayer for the time being. I’m a stay-at-home mom with a 3 year old son at my heals. I usually work 4 hours a day on weekdays.

5:30 – 6:30am Process shipments from the previous day or overnight. 6:30 – 1:30pm Spend time with my son, clean the house, etc > Maybe surf craigslist or Facebook yard sale if my son is involved with a task but that’s pretty much kid time 1:30 – 3:30pm During my son’s nap I take pictures. As I take pictures I also do the listings. I’ve found that this works best for me so that I don’t forget any information. 3:30 – 8:30 – Family time – cook dinner, etc 8:30 – 10:00 – watch TV and edit pictures/post listings that I took pics earlier in the day.

I do 90% of my sourcing @ yard sales and thrift stores on Saturday mornings. Once and a while I’ll go to a thrift store with my son during the week but not that often…I usually end up buying toys he doesn’t need.

I’ve been doing this for 11 months. I now have 300+ items in my ebay store with another 100 to list. Working only 20-25 hours per week I’m seeing $1800/month in sales with about 50% of that being profit. That really helps the budget each month! I can only imagine what with happen when I can do this full time!

Amy F


I have some down time at the moment and thought I would send you my success story:

18 months ago my position was eliminated at a job I HATED. My first thought was “thank you God!!!” Now I could concentrate on helping my husband start up his comic book store. The store was very short lived and closed 9 months ago. I was frantically putting comics on eBay in an effort to save the store. Then I started putting things I owned on Ebay in addition to the comics. I was also having weekly rummage sales until I found out I can make more money on eBay than rummage sales. I almost sold a popcorn popper donated to me by my mother-in-law for $3 at my rummage sale. Thank goodness nobody was interested. After researching on eBay I sold it on eBay for $40+!

While I was scrambling for ways to earn money, someone suggested one of your blog posts on their Facebook page. It was a post on creating a book safe. I tried it, but eh… it wasn’t my niche. I continued reading your blog daily and learning so much! You helped me see that this could be my new career. I was determined to not go back to an office job. I’ve always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and this was my chance. I’ve been growing my business gradually over the last few months on eBay. I’ve kind of hit a plateau so I’ve been researching what my next step should be. I have goals to double what I’m making now. My next step… getting someone to help me with my eBay business. That person starts this week for 2 days a week and I can’t wait! I’ve come so far in the last 9 months and know I will continue to grow. I’ve also become a Trading Assistant. No business for that yet, but that’s ok. I have enough of my own sales to stay on top of right now.

I believe everything happens for a reason and although the path God has chosen for me has been a little bumpy I would not be here without those troubles. Thank you also to Tristen for giving us (his readers) so many invaluable tools to succeed on Ebay!



Hey Tristen, I wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know that I am now a power seller! I wanted to thank you for letting me into your Mentor program and helping me get to this point. I honestly was lost before I found this site and your program! I thank you and my family thanks you!



Fired Up! In a good way! Ebay has become a vicious cycle for me, at least for my sleep anyway. Especially for days like today. I just had my biggest day ever and I’m a tad bit pumped about it. It never fails, maybe its just my personality, but on the days I have listings ending I get so excited I simply just can not settle. I just want to dive into more! Today I sold 49 shirts. I’m not sure where that falls in the progression of eBay ranking, but its huge for me! I think what I’m most excited about is seeing a plan I put in place work! I also sold 36 Red Bull shots! On top of all this I scored big time at a local estate sale today (online auction). A lot of 5 vintage cameras for $40 that are selling for between $50-$90 each, Lionel Train set that I’ll be able to triple (my second one in a month!), and various other antiques that seem to be moving well on ebay. Just an all around good day!

Really what I’m trying to say is Thanks Tristen for your inspiration, motivation, and support. You da man. Thanks to everyone on this forum. The feedback and advice is priceless.



All I can say it THANK YOU! I have been reading your blog for ever it seems, and it came with great timing! I have a similar story to you, and you have inspired me to start selling on eBay. I love, love, love your eBook and it helped me tremendously. My favoriate part was the goal setting section. That allowed me to become focused and actually make some good money. I am now a stay at home mother, and I work when I can. You have changed my life and my families life. Thank you!

Christy M


Hi Tristan, I wanted to say a big thank you for getting me into the eBay space. I really was scared to jump in, but you have given me many ideas that I have implemented, and now I am bringing in money! I started out slow like you recommend, and I sold a few things around the house. I have now ventured out into the Goodwill world, and I am loving it! I found a old clock that I remember having when I was a child. I bought it for $10, and sold it for $250! The money really really really helps out! So, thanks again!!!



Hello, I’m not sure if what I was thinking, but I’m glad I did it! I was walking past house that was being torn down, and they had a big dumpster in front. They had a sign that said Free. I looked inside, and it really looked like garbage, and nothing was worth anything. But I happened to see an old plug sticking up through the trash. I pulled it, and out came a beautiful vintage metal fan! I was able to sell it on eBay for $80! I’m not one to dig threw trash, but I am happy I did!

Thanks for all you do!



Hi Tristen, I wanted to share my success story with you, and please feel free to share it on your blog. I was at Radio Shack looking for inventory to put on my eBay store, and I found a bluetooth headset that a video camera built in. It was on clearance for $29, and it usually was $110. At first I really thought this was kind of creepy. It reminded me of someone video recording someone else with out them knowing. But after I read the packing, it was really meant for sports. Anyway, I bought them all in the store and I went to a few others. I sold them for $75 each, and make over $400 profit! I just thought I would share.



A few days ago I posted that I picked up a few NWT Harley Davidson Tshirts for $1 ea. sold one of them today for $20.99 plus $4 shipping. I was stoked!



Hello, I wanted to send you an email to share my success story with you. This summer I was at some garage sales, and I noticed a box of Barney and Veggie Tales VHS tapes. I remembered your article on VHS tapes still selling, and I asked how much for the whole lot. I got all 50 of them for $5! I was able to sell them in a few lots and I made over $50 profit! I was very happy! Thanks for everything,



Hi Tristen, I have a success story to share with you. This is kind of funny, but I owe it all to you! Not to long ago, I went to an estate sale with my husband. Everything was going as normal, that was until I happened to go into the bathroom, and saw a huge collection of unopened O.B. Ultra Tampons! My heart just sank and I almost screamed! I asked if I could buy them from the owner, and they gave them to me for free! There was around 12 boxes! They were in great condition so I listed them for $50 per box, and I sold every one of them. I would have never even thought to sell them if it wasn’t for one of your posts that I read! Thanks again!



Hey Tristen and Amy! Here is a quick success story that I would like to share! During Halloween time, I shopped for clothing items that would make you look like an old 80’s movie. I had good success with that, but one day instead of finding 80’s clothing, I found a bunch of Coca Cola Rugby shirts. They looked worn (maybe by a team or something), but I got them for $2 each (15 of them), and they sold for $30 each! At first my wife thought they were junk and worthless, but they actually are a collectors item! I Love Your Blog!!



Hi Tristen, I’m really excited to share my success with you! Okay, so I have been selling on eBay for about a year now, and I have been reading your blog for only a few months. I decided to buy your book (love it) and see if I could get any ideas about how to increase my sales. Your book was very helpful, and I have used a quite a few of your tips! I am now selling Goodwill items, and I have almost doubled my eBay sales. I am really excited when I find an item that I know I can make money on. Thanks for what you have done and continue to do!



Okay, so I am VERY new to eBay, and really I was looking for a new way to make money when I found your website. I have learned so much, and I wanted to share my first success story! Well, I was looking for items at Goodwill, and I really was not having much luck until I walked into the glass aisle. As soon as I walked in I saw a huge collection of the old glass Sour Cream containers that you wrote about. First of all, I would have never even known about them if it was not for you, so Thank YOU! Someone must have turned in their whole collection, because I bought 20 of them for .25 cents each! I just sold them in lots of four, and I made a total of $120! This is so much fun, and I really needed this in my life.

Thanks again!



I first started on ebay as everybody else by buying first . I was looking for a 1930’s shirley temple doll to purchase as a birthday present for my grandma for her surprise bday party . I heard she always prayed for one as a child but never got one . Hoping to find just one, I was amazed at how many there were to choose from on ebay ! I bought one for my grandma and her prayers were finally answered from long ago as a child ,all thanks to ebay! The next day after the party I went back on ebay and bought a shirley temple doll for myself. why did I ? I think because the dolls were so cute ! The doll I purchased arrived in worst condition then I saw in the pictures and listing . So I took it to a doll doctor near by. meanwhile I saw another cute shirley doll I wanted but couldnt afford it unless I sold the previous one. (with me so far =) So because I took the first doll to the doll doctor to restore it. I sold it for a few hundred more than I got it for ! I was hooked . So there I was buying broken 1930’s shirley temple dolls on ebay fixing them and reselling them right back on ebay ! Here are just a few of my shirley doll sales.. bought one 1930’s shirley temple doll for 200.00 sold for 700.00 , bought another 1930’s shirley temple doll for 500.00 fixed broken finger bought a dress for 75.00 , fixed her hair and sold for 1,800.00 !! Hope you like my story ! love this section of your blog tristen !! thanks =)



I have several great Ebay sales! The 1st one that comes to mind is, I found a bag of Marx vintage toys at my local TS in the “case”. It was western pieces. I broke the lot up. the wagon lot had wagon wheels that were broken off, etc. Some were intact. I started each auction off at .99 because I had no idea what I had and I just wanted the collectors to bid. A man emailed me and asked if I would take $300.00 for the wagons. You better believe I would!!! I set up a BIN for him and I got the cash!!! I bought the bag of Marx for around $20.00 or so???? I made more than enough of it back with all the other lots. Believe it or not, I still need to get some pieces still up.

Another story is, when I was a beginner, I was at Clearance GW, I saw in the bins, brand new in the package, Model sets from 1970s Pirates of the Caribbean. Cellophane still one. I grabbed the 2 sets that I saw. Bought them for .99 cents. Started the bidding at .99. One set went to just below $300.00 and the other went to 80.00

This is when ebay is a rush and becomes addicting!



A few years ago I stopped at a moving sale. I picked up a bag of matching silverware for $10 with the intention of giving it to a friend whom I thought might want it. He didn’t, and it was only after he rejected it did I look it up on eBay. I ended up making over $500 on it, as each soup spoon went for $50 each! It was an Oneida pattern and not very attractive in my opinion, but I always look at silverware now.

Thank you, Gina


Not to long ago I was shopping at Goodwill. Everything was going as normal, when I spotted a toy that looked old, but was still in the packaging. I checked it out on eBay, and it was a new in package “He-Man Masters of the Universe” toy from 1982! They were selling for over $200! At my Goodwill we have a section where we can fill a bag of small toys for $5, so I scooped up the He-Man toy plus some others. Needless to say, I have looked and looked for that He-Man doll, but never found another one. Still I made over $200 on an item I found at Goodwill!! Love it! Thanks for all you do!