The ABC’s of eBay


Recently I read an article that talked about how Google’s word prediction shaves seconds off of your search.  Some people love this and others could do without.  I happen to like Google’s search prediction, but it still amazes me how you can type one letter in their search box, and it will pop up a word based on what others are searching.  This got me thinking.  One thing that eBay made very clear last time I visited their campus is that they also like to collect data.  They have so much data that they can predict what is going to be popular at any given time, and they also have an intelligent search database that allows you to enter in one letter, and it will predict what you are searching for based off of what others are searching for.  This is very helpful when you are trying to find an item, but even more useful for us eBay sellers!

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 9.35.25 PMThe ABC’s of eBay is simple and can make us some money.  When I say ABC’s of eBay, what I really mean is to type one letter in the search bar and see the item that eBay predicts.  This gives us a clear understanding of what eBay buyers are looking for and can help you tweak your inventory.  Let’s go ahead and take a look at the ABC’s of eBay:

Apple Watch NES Classic Edition
Beads Omega
Chevrolet corvette Ps4
Dress Queen Comforter Set
Eclipse Glasses Ralph Lauren
Fidget Spinner Solar Eclipse Glasses
Gucci Tory Burch
Headphones Under Amour
iPhone 8 Vans
Jordan Watch
Knife Xbox One
Lularoe Yeezy
Morgan Silver Dollar Zippo

Using this information really gives us an upper hand when it comes to getting into the buyer’s mind.  If we know what they are searching, then we can sell accordingly.  Some of the name brands like Michael Kors, Anthropologie, Free People, and Tory Burch I have never heard of before.  That means I probably had passed them up previously and lost money.  Now that I know what buyers are looking for, I can keep my eye out and buy accordingly.  This list does change from time to time depending on the marketplace, so make sure you are checking the eBay ABC’s every once and awhile.  It doesn’t take long, and it really pays off.

I get most of my inventory from thrift stores.  To learn more check out The Keys to a Successful eBay Business HERE