How I Tripled My Sales By Speaking The Correct Language


We are all WORLDWIDE Entrepreneurs!  We can sell to any country and to any person who wants our item – but how do you market to the ideal customer?  Over the years, I’ve developed the skill of spotting trends on the items I sell.  For example, there is seasonal, size, and more importantly, location trends.

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying something – an experiment.  This experiment has proven to be quite eye-opening and has changed the way I connect with my customers.  Here was the problem.  Since the middle of summer, I started to see a slow down on the sales of my polo shirts.  I knew that summer was ending, but I refused to let my sales do the same.  As it grew increasingly chilly here in midwest America, I started to see a trend.  99% of my Tommy Hilfiger shirts were sold to only one place – Brazil.

untitled-pictureWith sales declining, I realized that I was selling one Tommy Hilfiger shirt sporadically throughout the month.  This was when I decided to make a change.  Knowing that almost all of my sales went to Brazil, I realized that I needed to market directly to them!  There are thousands of these Tommy Hilfiger shirts on eBay at any time, and mine looked exactly like the rest.  So here is my secret! I added a few strategic words to my description and secondary titles in the native language of Brazil, Portuguese!

My listing had all of the standard size and measurements descriptions in English, but I added one sentence towards the top of the description “Esta camisa de golfe é muito bom, e eu navio ao Brasil rápido e muitas vezes! Lance com confiança. Muito obrigado!”.  That translates into “This golf shirt is very nice, and I ship to Brazil fast and often!  Bid with confidence.  Thanks!”.  Of course, I have no idea how to speak or write in Portuguese, so I use the Google Translator Widget found HERE.

Since I have started doing this, my Tommy Hilfiger sales almost tripled!  Remember to Think Different and astonishing things will happen!

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International Selling on eBay


As a famous rapper once said, “I’m not internationally known …But I’m known to rock the microphone”.  Really, I have no idea how to rock the microphone, but I was once not internationally known.  When I first started selling on eBay, I was scared to sell outside of the United States.  I really did not know about the risks or the benefits.  The day I invited international buyers to bid on my auctions, is the day I started to triple my business.  Today 60% of my business is sold outside of the United States.  I have shipped to over 150 countries around the world.  The United States eBay site has far more items for sell than the UK or AU version.  People from around the world will pay for shipping if they really want the item.

There are two things to keep in mind.  One, there is a risk of shipping outside the US. When shipping USPS, there is not always a tracking service available.  When you ship internationally, you have to fill out a customs form.  If you are sending the item first class via USPS, then there is no tracking available.  If you send the item priority mail via USPS, then your customs form will provide a tracking number.  Priority International is much more expensive, but if the customer is willing to pay for it, then make it available.  Second, the United States has items that are not available in other places around the world.  For some reason, the UK LOVES American junk food.  Probably because they can not buy it where they live.  Below is a perfect example of what I mean:

lucky charms hourglass

Lucky Charms.  Here in America, we love Lucky Charms.  Did you know that Lucky Charms is not widely available in the UK?  The UK deemed Lucky Charms as too unhealthy, and has too much high fructose corn syrup.  You can only get Lucky Charms in specialty stores in the UK, and they are very expensive.  So, they look to America, land of the free, where Lucky Charms are available everywhere!

Thats £12.90 and equals $20.81!  All for a box of cereal.  Oddly enough, most people who buy this do not eat it.  It is a novelty, and a prank gift to give.  Be sure to make all of your listings available for international buyers.  Also, make sure you are calculating the international shipping accordingly.