The Keys to a Successful eBay Business


I’ve been selling on eBay for over 13 years.  I started out to have extra money to do fun things with my family, but at some point, this just became a passion for me.  In 2010, eBay heard my story and decided to shoot a documentary on my family and me.  This was meant to inspire others that were in the same situation I was in.  Check it out:

The Keys to a Successful eBay Business” eBook provides a deeper look into how I run my business.

ec9e4dc2-bd24-4d8d-9f96-0812f4eba714Topics include:

Essential Tools – I cover many tools that I use, and that will help you with your eBay business.  Not only will they save you time, but they will save you money!

A Deeper Dive into where I find inventory – I cover even more tips and tricks on how and where to find your eBay stock!

A Goodwill Ultimate Guide – I include how to identify and uncover a hot item at a Thrift Store.  Also, many HOT items to look for while shopping at Goodwill!

Pictures – I cover the best way to take pictures of clothing items, and the best way to attract customers to your listing with just using your title!

Hitting Your Goals – I retouch on the techniques of how to hit your income goal and start living the lifestyle you want!

Customer Service – This eBook covers the importance of handling customers the right way, and how this will save your business!

I’ve shared my experiences and best practices throughout this book.  I took a screenshot of a test account and the sales over the past 30 days so you can see the success I’m having.  This took me awhile to get here.  I want to make this clear.  Being an eBay entrepreneur is work, but with the principles, you will learn in this book, you too can run your own business.


Whether you are looking to start small, or make this your full-time business, this book is for you.